Brighton Cemetorians

The Brighton Cemetorians are a not-for-profit community group working actively with
Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, the administrators of Brighton General Cemetery.


The Brighton Cemetorians Inc. aim to run regular walking tours of the Brighton General Cemetery on a range of themes to cater for all interests. Our tours run for approximately 90 mins which includes refreshments and a tour pamphlet. We are also willing to undertake tours for private groups.

Cost of Tours: Non-members: $15, Members: $10. – Cash as we do not have credit card facilities.
Departure Time: Tours Depart at 2pm. – unless indicated.

To make a Booking: 9558 4248 – BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL

May 23rd: The Convict Taint
2pm – walk begins near the office
An estimated one in five Australians has convict ancestry. In Tasmania, the figure is even higher. In 2009, 74% of Tasmania’s population was estimated to be descended from convicts.

In the 1950s and ‘60s, historians argued that Australians should not romanticise either the convict system or the people within it.

We will be asking you if you agree with this when we visit the graves of former convicts who survived transportation, the road gangs to be teased, insulted and prodded, their masters and the brutal punishment of the lash.
Their life and the crimes they committed while serving their sentence and their behavior after being freed are for you to judge. You the Jury will be asked if they made worthwhile citizens or were they just ner’er do well raggle-taggle nobodies.

August 8th: AGM – to be held at the Camden Hotel
October 10th: Sporting People
October: Boyd Family of Artists
November: Remembrance Day Walk

31stJuly 1863

Secretary reported cattle had accident with headstone and were removed from the Cemetery.

11thJuly 1884

Secretary authorised to construct water closet on premises to be opened only during funerals.

11thNovember 1913

Recommendation by surveyor that iron gates, similar to those at North Road, be installed at Hawthorn Road.


  • Brighton General Cemetery
    Cnr. North and Hawthorn Roads


Opening Hours

Grounds 8am-6pm

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