Brighton Cemetorians

The Brighton Cemetorians are a not-for-profit community group working actively with
Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, the administrators of Brighton General Cemetery.


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*Database and photos are still in the setting up stage – if you find someone that you believe should be there or if you find any errors or a photo not there – please email us.

Produced by the Friends of Brighton Cemeteries Inc., the Burial Search and Relationship Program is designed to:

* view relationships between individuals buried in different graves, or within the same grave, such as parent / child;

* allow users to download photos of burial locations, headstones and plaques;

* View the headstone inscription(s) on monuments and plaques for not only those buried at the cemetery but also for those who have been memorialised on family headstones and plaques who are buried elsewhere.

* provide genealogical information about individuals;

* information is from various sources including Brighton General Cemetery Registers, Headstones/Plaques, Probates, Birth Deaths & Marriages, Family

 Any information accessed or given is for Genealogical research only  and is not for commercial use.

31stJuly 1863

Secretary reported cattle had accident with headstone and were removed from the Cemetery.

11thJuly 1884

Secretary authorised to construct water closet on premises to be opened only during funerals.

11thNovember 1913

Recommendation by surveyor that iron gates, similar to those at North Road, be installed at Hawthorn Road.


  • Brighton General Cemetery
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