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The Brighton Cemetorians are a not-for-profit community group working actively with
Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, the administrators of Brighton General Cemetery.

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  • Funeral Procession to mark the 100th Anniversary of the death of Sir Thomas Bent - 17th September 2009
  • Funeral Procession to mark the 100th Anniversary of the death of Sir Thomas Bent - 17th September 2009
  • Firing Party - Joe Dianico, James Battern, Neville Scuttlebury & John Underwood of the Historical Re-enactment Society of Australia at the William Robertson plaque unveiling - 1st April 2007

Others at this location -

SurnameNameMiddle NameInterredAgeLocation
ADAMSRoma91 years View
BROWNJoseph06/07/192256 years View
C-0290cC-0290a View
C-0290cC-0290a View
C-3898cC-3898aC-3898abcd View
CAMPBELLJames18/08/189348 years View
CANDIAVlastaMaria18/06/202190 years View
CROOKElizabethPlevins26/05/194285 years View
FLEMINGMaryCampbell27/02/192564 years View
GARDINERWilliamLaoder23/09/198679 years View
GEORGEMary21/10/191167 years View
GLEDHILLAmyVictoria90 years View
GREGORYKevinFrancis67 years View
JENKINSElizabethAnn Webb4/03/192772 years View
KERRVelmaMerle96 years View
L-3796cL-3796a View
LAYFIELDLena29/08/196877 years View
LEONARDReginaldNorbert84 years View
MAWSONEvelynLorraine5/02/201388 years View
MEINDouglasWarford17/11/192345 years View
MITCHELLDuncanCharles11/03/192566 years View
NIXONAllan Candelot18/08/192486 years View
NOLANIreneSilverlock15/05/197588 years View
P-0058cP-0058a View
P-0058cP-0058a View
P-0058cP-0058a View
P-0081cP-0081a View
P-0096cP-0096aP-0096abcd View
P-0096cP-0096aP-0096abcd View
P-0125cP-0125aP-0125abcd View
P-0301cP-0301a View
P-0301cP-0301a View
P-0383cP-0383a View
P-0383cP-0383a View
P-0387cP-0387a View
PANTELIOSOurania15/09/202389 years View
PEARCEKaya17/07/2014 View
SCHINCKMichael4/10/2006SB View
SILVERSB13/12/1954 View
SIMMONSEliasBenjamin15/09/194770 years View
STEVENSAgnesLouise26/03/193277 years View
STUARTJuneElizabeth7/12/197239 years View
TUCKERLornaMavis90 years View
WALLACEEvelynElvira Lillian10/03/195046 years View
WEATHERLEYTrevorArthur21/08/201372 years View
WEBSTERAndrew8/04/19055 years View
WHEELERRosiemond Ellen17/09/191528 years View
WILDEWalterJames1/10/196291 years View
WILLIAMSMargaretMary86 years View
WOLFEKatrinaMiriam26/09/196917 years View


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    Cnr. North and Hawthorn Roads


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