Brighton Cemetorians

The Brighton Cemetorians are a not-for-profit community group working actively with
Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, the administrators of Brighton General Cemetery.
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  • Funeral Procession to mark the 100th Anniversary of the death of Sir Thomas Bent - 17th September 2009
  • Funeral Procession to mark the 100th Anniversary of the death of Sir Thomas Bent - 17th September 2009
  • Firing Party - Joe Dianico, James Battern, Neville Scuttlebury & John Underwood of the Historical Re-enactment Society of Australia at the William Robertson plaque unveiling - 1st April 2007


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Data Base

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The Cemetorians need your help – one of the aims of the Cemetorians has been for a searchable database on our Website where you could search and find the locations of those who are buried within the walls of the Brighton cemetery. The database will greatly assist us to meet the increasing enquiries from families seeking genealogical data as well as a central location to celebrate the lives and achievements of those interred at Brighton Cemetery. As a member of the Brighton Cemetorians you will be able to have access to photos and any extra information.

Any donation amount would be wonderful and gratefully received either by posting or your donation can be direct debited into our account Bank: Bendigo Bank Limited

Account name: Brighton Cemetorians Inc. BSB 633108 Account 131459927 Reference: Database   [can you then please email your name to info@brightoncemetorians so that acknowledgement can be given]


Ormond-McKinnon Community Bank® is happy to support the Brighton Cemetorians database project, and has made a grant of $1,000 towards the costs of this initiative.  This online database will help field enquiries from people seeking genealogical data, as well as being a central location to celebrate the lives and achievements of those interred at Brighton Cemetery.

At the Ormond-McKinnon Community Bank®, we choose to return our profits to local clubs and organisations, because by doing so we can strengthen the community we live and work in.  Since this banking model was introduced 20 years ago, Community Bank® branches have returned a total of over $200 million to their local communities Australia-wide.  Drop into your local branch at 485 North Road (next to the Ormond rail station) and talk to our staff to discover the impact your banking can have.

ADLER Michael                                                             ARNOLD Heather

Australian Jewish Genealogical Society (Vic) Inc          BEAZLEY Sue

BROMPTON Barry                                                         BUCKLE Elisa & Les

CARROLL Sue                                                               CHILLER Shirley & Ken

COMEADOW Lois                                                         CONDUIT Bryan

DE CLOSEY Judi                                                            FELBER Anthony

FINN David                                                                     GILBERT Kerry

GRAY Malcolm                                                              GROVES Joanne

HATFIELD Robin                                                           HERMANN Isaac

HOLT Jan & Peter                                                          JAMES Liz

JOHNSON Peter                                                             LANGDON Michael

MCDONNELL Kevin                                                     MCINTYRE Elaine

MICHAEL Maria                                                            PAINE Elizabeth

POWELL Phillip                                                            ROGERS Lorraine

RUSSELL Claire                                                             SMITH Eric

TRIOLO Rosalie                                                            WAKEFIELD Robert


31stJuly 1863

Secretary reported cattle had accident with headstone and were removed from the Cemetery.

11thJuly 1884

Secretary authorised to construct water closet on premises to be opened only during funerals.

11thNovember 1913

Recommendation by surveyor that iron gates, similar to those at North Road, be installed at Hawthorn Road.


  • Brighton General Cemetery
    Cnr. North and Hawthorn Roads


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Grounds 8am-6pm

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