Brighton Cemetorians

The Brighton Cemetorians are a not-for-profit community group working actively with
Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, the administrators of Brighton General Cemetery.

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  • Funeral Procession to mark the 100th Anniversary of the death of Sir Thomas Bent - 17th September 2009
  • Funeral Procession to mark the 100th Anniversary of the death of Sir Thomas Bent - 17th September 2009
  • Firing Party - Joe Dianico, James Battern, Neville Scuttlebury & John Underwood of the Historical Re-enactment Society of Australia at the William Robertson plaque unveiling - 1st April 2007

Research Requests

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Please note: Please acknowledge receipt of information and photos so that we know that you have received the information.

Information received is for Genealogical purposes only also photos were true and correct at the time the photos were taken, they are to be used for family genealogy only and not for commercial purposes.

Trying to locate a person interred at the Brighton General Cemetery? Then submit your research request using the form below! It’s free and easy!

Unlike most other major Melbourne cemeteries, the burials register is not accessible on the internet. However, with access to the register (1855-2009) and gravesite maps, the Brighton Cemetorians Inc. are able to assist you searching for persons interred in the Cemetery. It’s a free service we provide that is self-funded through donations received from satisfied patrons.

Emailed to you in an easy to read format, the information provided includes details from the burial register, photos of the grave(s). It’s all you’ll ever need to visit that elusive grave.

Our aim is to help you save time locating a grave in the Cemetery so don’t be afraid to ask for help!

To submit a research request, use the form below to provide the name and date of death of the person(s) you are searching for. All research requests submitted will be acknowledged within 48 hours by reply email with an indication of how long it will take to complete.

*It is important to remember that the burial register is only partially computerised. For complex research requests, a nominal donation may be required.


Read what others have to say about our research request service.

“The information you provided is great, I was just expecting the details of my great great grandmother. Stuart of Toowoomba, Qld”

“Thankyou for your prompt response to my research request on the Youngers, and the info is most helpful, the presentation of the report is excellent. Geoffrey of East Albury, NSW”

“Sincere thanks for the great service you provide. I am the editor of our local genealogy society newsletter and intend mentioning the service. Don of Weston Creek, ACT”

“I was thrilled to receive this information! Thank you so much for dealing promptly with my request and for forwarding the info in such a professional format…the photo in particular is fantastic. Suzanne of Indigo Valley, Vic”

“You have certainly provided me with all I could hope for and I am very grateful indeed. Robin of Mount Waverley, Vic”

“Thank you for your email and for providing the details in such a prompt manner. I commend your website and your service, which has greatly helped my family research…I have not encountered this anywhere else in my research on family history. Stephen of Ivanhoe, Vic”

“Thank you very much indeed for all the information you have sent me – it is a great help. Elizabeth of Cognac, France”.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your research request today!

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  • Brighton General Cemetery
    Cnr. North and Hawthorn Roads


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Grounds 8am-6pm

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